Welcome back to the Autumn Term from Dragonfly!

What's new?

Our courses are now split into 6 sections in our brochure and on our website, and you can see all of our courses in one place: no more hunting around the site for specific international courses, and no more confusing layouts!

We also have a new member of staff working with us in the office - Eirian is our new UK Venue-based Course manager bringing to us 21 years of teaching experience, so speaks teacher-speak fluently! She is available to answer your queries via email and on the phone and is also looking after our online chat system, so will be happy to chat to you through our website as well.                                                                                    

We're planning on launching an e-magazine this term which will showcase articles and advice from our trainers, and which won't be afraid to look at the tricky issues that we face as teachers in 2017.                                                                                

What's the same?

Excellence, value for money and valuing the art of teaching.

A wide range of courses that are:

  • rated 5 out of 5 by 97% of our customers; 
  • delivered by trainers who have excelled in their schools and really do understand the challenges of teaching in today's world;
  • inspirational, engaging and valuable - thanks to the interactive, hands-on and practical style of delivery for which we are renowned;
  • full of realistic and ready-to-use strategies and materials that save time and are proven to work, which are included in a comprehensive accompanying booklet, to ensure that they will make a difference straight away.

Which courses are we running in the UK this term?

We have a full programme of courses running this term, including the ever-popular Spoon Feed No More, which showcases Dragonfly's philosophy in a nutshell: valuing the art of teaching, and giving teachers the tools to move away from tick-box, buzzword practices. 

We're also running several sessions of The Ultimate Understanding of Mental and Emotional Health in Schools - this course combines our usual no-nonsense approach with techniques and strategies to help you to protect your own emotional well-being and gives you help and tools to use to support your students through the stress and challenge they are faced with on a daily basis.

Our course: Cutting Edge Marking and Feedback Strategies gives you not only the tools to improve your marking and reduce your workload, but the evidence base to back up these tools.

As always, all of our courses are available for In-School training - Wendy deals with all of these bookings and takes great pride in tailoring every training course to your school's specific needs. The word bespoke is bandied around a lot at the moment, but Wendy's work with schools truly provides a bespoke package.

I'm not in the UK - what about me?

Our courses are also available around the world: we have courses taking place in Bangkok in November 2017, January 2018 and March 2018, and we always organise a training package for your school - no matter where you are in the world! Contact Mary for all international enquiries.


Looking forward to hearing from you all - enjoy your term!

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